Winter Olympics are over but you don't think Winter is eh?

No updates lately cause I was working on my website, still working on it though. No updates in another week cause the local mountains are getting pounded with the white fluffy stuff called SNOW!!!

So guess where you can find me for the next week, ... yes behind my computer working on my website.

HELL NO!!! who am I kiddin'

Catch ya in a week!


Everybody has got a blog these days and why not me? well cause I wasn't interested in having one, I'm on too many community sites already. Why did I change my mind? well I'm working on my photography website right now and I noticed that I can make a free blog page thingy so since it's free I thought why not give it a try.

So for now this is all I've got to say since I need to finish my website first but drop by any time you like and leave a msg.

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